VS Fisheries is a specialist UK carp farm, producing the finest quality fish for the restocking market. The business is managed by Viv Shears and Simon Scott, two names which are very well known and respected within the fisheries industry.

The business aims to produce the highest quality farm reared carp that tick all the boxes regarding longevity, scale pattern and fantastic looks. We appreciate that these fish represent a big financial investment and are keen to ensure that you receive exceptional fish which will thrive in your fishery for many years to come.

We are dedicated to producing the UK’s next generation of monster carp, hopefully fulfilling fishery managers and angler’s dreams for many years to come. We aim to offer all of our customers a personal service, including free advice on selecting the appropriate number and size of fish for their venue.

If you have any questions regarding our fish please feel free to contact us at any time.


It was a combined passion and enthusiasm for fisheries management that lead to the creation of VS Fisheries in 2005 when Viv Shears and Simon Scott started their carp farming business.

In 2006 the pair met with Sussex farmers Richard and Mark Chandler and the business moved to the existing farm. From there the farm has grown and is now one of the largest CEFAS authorised carp farms in the UK that produces all its own fish onsite.

The Directors

Viv Shears


After graduating from Sparsholt College in 1995 Viv moved into fisheries management as Fisheries Manager with RMC Angling where he created and stocked many well-known fisheries during his five years there. In 2004, he returned to Sparsholt where he lectured for 11 years on fisheries management, practical fisheries construction and fish farming. During his 25 years in fisheries work he has carried out numerous consultancy projects with customers across the UK and Europe where he advises on all aspects of fisheries development and management. Having run numerous fisheries his understanding of practical fishery development means he can advise customers on realistic stocking plans along with sound technical knowledge.

As a life-long angler, Viv can be found fishing for a huge variety of fish species from crucians in Surrey, bass along the South Coast to monster halibut in the fjords of Northern Norway. For him now variety has certainly become the spice of life in terms of his angling... and of course carp farming!

Simon Scott


As a very small boy Simon was completely fascinated by water, spending many hours newt and tadpole hunting around an overgrown garden pond! These adventures would frequently result in jars full of desperate amphibians and a little boy covered head to toe in black silt.. not much has changed!

Shortly after his seventh birthday armed with a new fishing rod and a bag of maggots Simon was taken by his father on his first fishing trip. One silvery rudd later and a lifelong passion for fishing was born.

Having successfully graduated from Sparsholt College Simon moved to the University of Plymouth to undertake a Master of Science Degree in Applied Fish Biology.

After working in fisheries consultancy Simon headed back to Sparsholt College as a lecturer within the Fisheries Department, a post he held for 20 years. During his time at Sparsholt he was involved in many fascinating projects, including netting many of the country’s top fisheries and spawning large numbers of carp from sources as varied as Redmire Pool, North Harrow Waltonians and Sutton-at-Hone.

Simon who remains a mad keen carp angler is retained as a consultant by Korda, the Essex based tackle giants and by Baitworks, the Cotswold bait manufacturer. Additionally over the last decade he has presented and co-presented a number of television shows including Thinking Tackle, Carp Crew and Predators, amongst others. Simon continues to work as a fishery consultant and manages several private ponds.

Richard and Mark Chandler

Richard and Mark are a farming father and son team, from a long established farming family. Both have an amazing understanding of the land and how it works. They run a diverse and immaculate farming operation. Their involvement in VS Fisheries is essential in terms of the land, ponds and their management.

The Team

We are very fortunate to have a great team to support us here at VS Fisheries. Martyn Rosier joined us full time in 2015, after many years of supporting us as a seasonal worker slaving away alongside us during the winter months.

In 2017 Martyn was joined by another fulltime employee Bob Goddard. Both Martyn and Bob are enthusiastic anglers and bring this passion with them when carrying out tasks around the fish farm.

Sue Scott has been heavily involved since day one and works in all aspects of the farm. Most importantly, she is Simon’s right hand-man and stress coach throughout the spawning process!

We are also joined by seasonal staff during the long winter period when we drain, harvest and deliver our carp to their new homes.


With nearly 60 outdoor ponds that range from small fry ponds through to over 4 acres, the farm is one of the largest in the UK and is solely dedicated to the breeding and farming of carp. All of our fish are spawned and reared on our designated fish farm sites, using hand selected broodstock. Customers can therefore be confident that they are purchasing stock with a proven pedigree.

The business is fully licenced by CEFAS as an Aquaculture Production Business and operates 4 fish farming sites. As part of this we undergo site compliance audits twice a year from the Fish Health Inspectorate. We have a comprehensive CEFAS approved Bio-Security Management Policy that aims to maintain the health of our fish and to minimise the risk of any disease outbreak or transmission.

All of our production ponds are built on clay soil and are fed with water that originates within land farmed by the Chandlers. This means that we have full control of the water we use eliminating the risk of pollution, parasites or disease entering from upstream.

A dedicated modern fish holding facility includes our hatchery, stores and holding tanks where some customers come to select their fish when the time arrives.

The careful management of the ponds and their surrounding habitat is vital to give our fish a pristine environment within which to grow. The ponds are routinely monitored for water quality parameters and treated with hydrated lime after each harvest to sterilise them for the forthcoming growing season.


VS Fisheries take great pride in the fish that we supply to you, the customer.

We endeavour to produce fish with individual character and great future potential so that you have carp delivered that are "simply stunning", to put it in the words of many delighted clients. We are very aware that people have different requirements, especially in terms of scale patterns and growth, when it comes to the carp they want to introduce into their fishery.

In order to do this, we have a very diverse, and historic, range of bloodlines including: Leney’s, Sutton’s, Black Mirror’s and North Harrow Waltonian’s, to name a few. This mix of bloodlines ensures we have a wide genetic pool, allowing us to create fish with a huge variety of looks, shapes and scale patterns.

The Selection Process

Following the selection of the broodstock, the fish are individually spawned and the whole process begins as the eggs hatch into minute larvae. These are first fed indoors for a few days after hatching then stocked out into specially prepared fry ponds in late May.

At the end of their first summer, at about 6 months old, our fish are graded for the first of many times whilst on the farm. Fish are carefully hand selected at this point for on growing over the course of the next 2 to 5 years to supply carp fisheries across the country.

Feeding Our Fish

Through much work and investigation into carp nutrition we believe that getting them 'big and fat' as quickly as possible on our farm will simply not satisfy you, as the customer, in the longer term, as longevity of the fish can be compromised. We firmly believe that it is best to produce our fish at a sensible rate, using a quality diet and some whole cereals, which results in the carp being perfectly conditioned for stocking into fisheries where they should thrive and grow for many years.

We use a customised pellet manufactured for us, to our exact requirements, on which all our fish are fed. Our pellet also has some extra ingredients that boost health, immune response and food conversion.

Health Status

To date our sites have enjoyed a Spring Viraemia of carp (SVC) and Koi Herpes virus (KHV) free status and are free from any category 2 parasites. CEFAS routinely inspect our sites for serious carp diseases such as SVC and KHV. As part of our authorisation as a fish farming business we are legally obliged to inform CEFAS if we have any suspicions of a serious disease outbreak along with keeping detailed information on fish movements to or from the site along with any mortalities and treatments.

Prior to our fish being sold each winter all our sites undergo a full 'Mandatory Fish Health Check' by an independent consultant who then reports the results to the Environment Agency's Fish Movement Team at Brampton. This meets all the legal requirements for stocking into mandatory inland waters. This Health Check once again ensures that our fish are free from Category 2 parasites or obvious signs of bacterial or viral infections.

Biosecurity & Delivery

VS Fisheries and its staff are fully licensed to transport fish in compliance with all current animal welfare legislation. By using specially designed fish transport tanks and oxygen, every effort is made to deliver your fish in top condition. Once at your fishery the carp will be weighed off in front of you and the weights agreed and recorded along with any photographs you may want to take. Please note delivery charges may apply depending on the size of the order (See Orders).

As part of our bio-security policy we carry out thorough routine disinfection of all our fish farming equipment, including our delivery rigs. All delivery equipment is disinfected prior to loading in the morning, then after each delivery and again before we return to the farm.

We feel that it is our responsibility to ensure we minimise any risk of disease transfer between our farm, your fishery and those of others that we may deliver to on the same day. It remains vitally important to us at VS Fisheries that you are completely happy with the whole experience and the bio-security of your site is a crucial part of this.


Below is a list of the various year classes of fish we have available each winter and their respective prices.

Please don’t assume we are sold out as we are now producing more fish than in past years due to a large expansion of the farm.
Contact us for up to date information on availability or keep an eye on our social media pages where we will post current availability of our fish.

1-Summer Carp (C1)

No of fish 50+ 100+ 500+ 1,000+
Price per fish £1.00 75p 60p 50p

These first summer fish are generally between 2 - 5 inches and are ideal for fisheries that want to on-grow fish themselves in dedicated stock ponds. These fish are spawned in around May of each year and reared outdoors. We can supply fish to ornamental ponds and there is a minimum order of 10 fish with prices on application for these.

2-Summer Carp (C2)

£5.25 /lb (£11.55 /Kg)

These fish are generally 12oz to 1.5lbs. These are ideal for stocking into pleasure fisheries or on-growing in a suitable stock pond.

3-Summer Carp (C3)

£7.50 /lb (£16.50 /Kg)

These hand selected fish range from 4 to 6.5lbs in weight and at harvest will be 2.5 years old. In rich lightly-stocked waters we would expect these fish to be nearing double figures a full year after introduction. These fish are ideal for new fisheries and those looking for the best value for money.

4-Summer Carp (C4)

£12.50 /lb (£27.50 /Kg) - New Lower Price for 2019

These 4-summer carp are our most popular age class due to their cost and adaptability. At harvest, we expect these hand selected fish range between 8 and 12lbs and are 3.5 years old. From our experience these fish are the optimal size for introduction into established specimen carp fisheries that are looking for their big fish of the future or venues that have to stock numbers of fish to improve the stock levels.

5-Summer Carp (C5)

£17.50 /lb (£38.50 /Kg)

These 5-summer fish are 4.5 years old and we expect them to range between 14 to 18.5 lbs at harvest this coming winter. In the right waters, we would expect these fish to be well over 20 lbs within a year of introduction and perfect for fisheries looking for a select number of fish to boost their existing stocks. We ensure that some males are selected within this year class and often these are towards the lower end of the size range. Males will be included in all orders.

6-Summer Carp (C6)

£30.00 /lb (£66.00 /Kg) – New Lower Price for 2019

This is the cream of the VS crop, having been hand selected over the previous five years. These fish are between 20 - 24 lbs at harvest. Six summer fish are great for new fisheries that require larger target fish initially or for established waters that need an introduction of specimen sized fish for the future. 

7-Summer Carp (C7)

For the 2019 / 2020 harvest we will have small number of carp from 25lbs to 29lbs.
Prices on Application

Stocking and Delivery Charges

Orders below £3000 exc VAT are liable to a delivery charge.
Orders above £3000 exc VAT are delivered free of charge up to 100 miles from our site.
Delivery costs are dependent on the distance from our farm and will be confirmed when you place your order.

A stocking administration fee of £10 per venue is payable for each introduction of fish.

Smaller orders of our C1, C2 or C3 carp can be sent via an approved overnight courier as this is often the most cost effective method and will be charged at £25.00 per box to cover carriage and packaging.

General Information

All prices, fees and delivery are subject to VAT at the standard rate at the time of delivery.

A deposit of 10% of fish value is required upon formal confirmation of your order.

Payment for fish is required in full at the time of delivery.

All prices correct and valid on fish sold up to and including 31st March 2019.

Tagging Services

We offer a PIT tagging service so that your fish can be individually identified via the uniquely coded tag which is inserted into the shoulder of the fish. We can supply all the required equipment such as hand held scanners and high quality signage for your fishery and boundary fences. If you require further information on this tagging service and the current prices please call us.


Ordering fish with us at VS Fisheries is straight forward and we aim to make it as easy a process as possible.

Initially, it is best to call Viv Shears on 07843 306661 or Simon Scott on 07775 744130 to discuss your requirements and also to check the availability of the fish you are after. Alternatively use the Contact Us page and we will email or call you back.

Any order must be confirmed by completing the Provisional Order Form, which can be downloaded using the link below. Please email info@vsfisheries.co.uk with the coompleted form and we will then confirm that the fish have been reserved for you.

After the fish have been reserved we will write to you requesting the fishery details and permit. At this stage we require a deposit equal to 10% of the estimated fish value (+VAT) to fully confirm the order.

Stocking Paperwork

In order for us to be able to supply you with fish you will need to ensure the receiving water has the following certificate and permit in place.

CEFAS Fishery Registration Certificate

It is a requirement for all fisheries and on-growing sites to be 'registered' with CEFAS. This is a straight forward process and normally only takes 2-4 weeks once the application is submitted to CEFAS. The RW1 form is available via the link below.

EA Live Fish Movements Site Permit

In January 2015 the legislation regarding stocking fish changed from the old Section 30 consent process to a new live fish site permit system. Before applying for your permit the water must be registered with CEFAS as the Environment Agency require your CEFAS registration numbers to process your application.

To apply for your Site Permit it is a simple case of contacting the Environment Agency Fish Movement Team on 0208 4745243 or email them via fmapplications@environment-agency.gov.uk. This process can take between 2 – 4 weeks normally although if your site is in a conservation area then this may be extended up to 8 weeks due to Natural England consultation times.

Please note that VS Fisheries will not supply any fish to fishery sites that are not CEFAS and Environment Agency registered.


Gary Bayes, Bayeswater Fisheries.
"VS Fisheries already offer lots of variety with their different strains so it’s a one stop shop..."
Ed Scrambler, Suffolk.
"I can’t recommend VS Fisheries highly enough..."
Matt Pettitt, Embryo Angling Operations Manager.
"In short truly great fish with a personal touch..."
Daniel Hatherly - Hurford, Fisheries Solutions and Bray Lake Watersports Angling.
"In a competitive market they still manage to remain the first choice carp supplier..."
Raymond Porteus, Greenhalgh Fishery.
"You need look nowhere else... A truly professional company..."
Pete Winder, Shotgate AC.
"To say that VS Fisheries made the whole process so simple..."
Jon Pottenger, Southern Waterscapes
"Nothing is too much trouble and the fish are first class..."
Mike Willmott, Essential Baits / Springwood Fishery.
"They are light years ahead of anyone else in their field..."
Jez Sussex, The Pook Fishery.
"After a bit more research the VS Fisheries name kept coming up..."
Phil Chambers, Owner, Velocity Angling.
"Not only do you supply top quality fish at VSF but you provide a first class service..."
Wayne Green, Meadow Fisheries.
"Would recommend them to anyone looking for top quality fish..."
Gary, Yorkshire Syndicate Water.
"Thanks to Viv, Simon and the team for their advice and especially their fish..."
Sam Carter, Hastings, Bexhill and District Freshwater AA.
"I’d happily recommend them to anybody..."
The Committee, Maidstone Victory AS.
"It genuinely feels like a partnership, and I'm sure one which will continue..."
Karl Bownes, Violet Fisheries.
"I’ve found them very honest, professional and their passion for carp shows..."
Carl Robinson, Riverton Fishery, Devon.
"I cannot recommend their fish highly enough plus add to this the great customer care and after sales service they offer..."
Andrew Boaz, Oulton Park Syndicate.
"The only problem you will have with VSF is knowing when to stop..."
Daz Osbourne, Rod Hutchinsons’ Woldview Fishery.
"VS Fisheries are the most professional fish farmers we have come across..."
Nick Leach, Owner, Sandhurst Lake.
"Sandhurst Lake has a great future thanks to VS fisheries..."
Chichester and District AS.
"They were some of the best looking carp we have ever had..."
South of England Private Club.
"Everything that a customer could possibly hope for..."
Frank Lythgoe, Warrington AA.
"Thank you for the continued high quality of the carp..."
Alan Taylor, Millhouse Fisheries, Ecton lakes.
"I do apologise once more for the amount of times I said 'Oh my god look at that one!'..."
Robin Monday, DDAPS.
"Their expertise and after sales help is second to none..."
Jim Marshall, East Sussex.
"The choice of C3 and C4 fish was really over-whelming..."
Steve Mead, Seaford Angling Club.
"I very much doubt I will be making any calls anywhere else ever..."
Gordy Howes, St Ives Lakes.
"The fish they stock will play a valuable part of carp fishing in this country for years to come..."
Ste Alford, Tees Valley Lakes.
"I now know I have made the correct choice..."
Gary Sutton, Stoke-on-Trent.
"Having bought over 3000 carp from different suppliers your fish are the best we have seen by far!..."
Mike Tuppenney, West Sussex.
"What a refreshing change to deal with a company who isn't just out to make a buck..."
Ben Hollis, West Sussex.
"Now down the pub dreaming of your very sexy carp!..."
Frank Bojda, Nipster Fisheries, Scotland.
"Above and Beyond springs to mind..."






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