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Aiden Setford, SWS Fisheries

"We decided to stock with VS fish across our waters because we wanted quality. The lakes have been given a new lease of life since the stocking, we are very excited to see what the future holds..."

Matt Pettitt, Embryo Angling Operations Manager

"In short truly great fish with a personal touch..."

Gordy Howes, St Ives Lakes

"The fish they stock will play a valuable part of carp fishing in this country for years to come..."

Phil Chambers, Owner, Velocity Angling

"Not only do you supply top quality fish at VSF but you provide a first class service..."

Carl Robinson, Riverton Fishery, Devon

"I cannot recommend their fish highly enough plus add to this the great customer care and after sales service they offer..."

Gary Sutton, Stoke-on-Trent

"Having bought over 3000 carp from different suppliers your fish are the best we have seen by far!..."

Karl Bownes, Violet Fisheries

"I’ve found them very honest, professional and their passion for carp shows..."

Daz Osbourne, Rod Hutchinsons’ Woldview Fishery

"VS Fisheries are the most professional fish farmers we have come across..."

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