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We aim to make placing your order with VS Fisheries as easy as possible, whilst making sure we meet all the legal requirements of the stocking process.

Initially, it is best to call Viv Shears on 07843 306661 or Simon Scott on 07775 744130 to discuss your requirements and also to check the availability of the fish at the forthcoming harvest. Alternatively use the Contact Us page, give us brief details of your enquiry and we will email or call you back.

All orders must be confirmed by completing the Provisional Order Form, which can accessed using the button below. This is an online form so simply complete the form and hit submit.  You can also upload an electronic copy of your EA Live Fish Movements Site Permit here, so we have all the correct paperwork to process the stocking. If you don't have your permit in place, you can still place the order and send it through to us once you have received it. For more details on applying for CEFAS or EA permits please see the Stocking Paperwork Section below.


Once received we will email you to confirm we have your completed order and that the fish have been reserved for you.

After the fish have been reserved, we require a deposit equal to 10% of the estimated fish value (+VAT) to fully confirm the order.


Stocking Paperwork

In order for us to be able to supply you with fish you will need to ensure the receiving water has the following certificate and permit in place.

CEFAS Fishery Registration Certificate

It is a requirement for all fisheries and on-growing sites to be 'registered' with CEFAS. This is a straight forward process and normally only takes 2-4 weeks once the application is submitted to CEFAS. The RW1 form is available via the link below.


EA Live Fish Movements Site Permit

In January 2015 the legislation regarding stocking fish changed from the old Section 30 consent process to a new live fish site permit system. Before applying for your permit the water must be registered with CEFAS as the Environment Agency require your CEFAS registration numbers to process your application.

To apply for your Site Permit it is a simple case of contacting the Environment Agency Fish Movement Team on 0208 4745243 or email them via This process can take between 2 – 4 weeks normally although if your site is in a conservation area then this may be extended up to 8 weeks due to Natural England consultation times.

Please note that VS Fisheries will not supply any fish to fishery or ongrowing sites that are not CEFAS and Environment Agency registered. We are permitted to supply ornamental and garden ponds without the above permits but please contact us for details and prices for this.

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