VS Fisheries take great pride in the fish that we supply to you, the customer.

We endeavour to produce fish with individual character and great future potential so that you have carp delivered that are "simply stunning", to put it in the words of many delighted clients. We are very aware that people have different requirements, especially in terms of scale patterns and growth, when it comes to the carp they want to introduce into their fishery.

In order to do this, we have a very diverse, and historic, range of bloodlines including: Leney’s, Sutton’s, Black Mirror’s and North Harrow Waltonian’s, to name a few. This mix of bloodlines ensures we have a wide genetic pool, allowing us to create fish with a huge variety of looks, shapes and scale patterns.

The Selection Process

Following the selection of the broodstock, the fish are individually spawned and the whole process begins as the eggs hatch into minute larvae. These are first fed indoors for a few days after hatching then stocked out into specially prepared fry ponds in late May.

At the end of their first summer, at about 6 months old, our fish are graded for the first of many times whilst on the farm. Fish are carefully hand selected at this point for on growing over the course of the next 2 to 5 years to supply carp fisheries across the country.

Feeding Our Fish

Through much work and investigation into carp nutrition we believe that getting them 'big and fat' as quickly as possible on our farm will simply not satisfy you, as the customer, in the longer term, as longevity of the fish can be compromised. We firmly believe that it is best to produce our fish at a sensible rate, using a quality diet and some whole cereals, which results in the carp being perfectly conditioned for stocking into fisheries where they should thrive and grow for many years.

We use a customised pellet manufactured for us, to our exact requirements, on which all our fish are fed. Our pellet also has some extra ingredients that boost health, immune response and food conversion.

Health Status

To date our sites have enjoyed a Spring Viraemia of carp (SVC) and Koi Herpes virus (KHV) free status and are free from any category 2 parasites. CEFAS routinely inspect our sites for serious carp diseases such as SVC and KHV. As part of our authorisation as a fish farming business we are legally obliged to inform CEFAS if we have any suspicions of a serious disease outbreak along with keeping detailed information on fish movements to or from the site along with any mortalities and treatments.

Prior to our fish being sold each winter all our sites undergo a full 'Mandatory Fish Health Check' by an independent consultant who then reports the results to the Environment Agency's Fish Movement Team at Brampton. This meets all the legal requirements for stocking into mandatory inland waters. This Health Check once again ensures that our fish are free from Category 2 parasites or obvious signs of bacterial or viral infections.

Biosecurity & Delivery

VS Fisheries and its staff are fully licensed to transport fish in compliance with all current animal welfare legislation. By using specially designed fish transport tanks and oxygen, every effort is made to deliver your fish in top condition. Once at your fishery the carp will be weighed off in front of you and the weights agreed and recorded along with any photographs you may want to take. Please note delivery charges may apply depending on the size of the order (See Orders).

As part of our bio-security policy we carry out thorough routine disinfection of all our fish farming equipment, including our delivery rigs. All delivery equipment is disinfected prior to loading in the morning, then after each delivery and again before we return to the farm.

We feel that it is our responsibility to ensure we minimise any risk of disease transfer between our farm, your fishery and those of others that we may deliver to on the same day. It remains vitally important to us at VS Fisheries that you are completely happy with the whole experience and the bio-security of your site is a crucial part of this.